Sven Laux | These Clouds… out on Sound in Silence

These Clouds… out on Sound in Silence

  • 11 May

  • svenlaux

January 14, 2023
‘These Clouds… consists of 18 exclusive new tracks, by an equal number of great artists, with a total duration of 80 minutes. Some of the artists have already been important members of Sound In Silence all these years, having released many wonderful albums on the label, and some others are new friends who just joined the label’s family and will probably present more of their music on the label’s future releases. Carefully compiled and mastered by George Mastrokostas (Absent Without Leave), this compilation is a dreamy blend of ambient, modern classical, electronica and post-rock.
The artists who participate in These Clouds… with their lovely music, in order of the compilation’s tracklist, are: Panoptique Electrical, Sven Laux, Yellow6, The Green Kingdom, Benoît Pioulard, Wil Bolton, David Newlyn, Akira Kosemura, Halftribe, A Lily, SineRider, Absent Without Leave, Hotel Neon, worriedaboutsatan, r beny, Jakob Lindhagen, The Humble Bee, and Hainbach.

This is a limited edition of 500 handmade and hand-numbered collectable copies. It is packaged in a lovely hand-stamped 127mm x 127mm 250 gsm light brown recycled cardboard envelope with the front cover image printed on a polaroid style photo paper and two insert sheets containing tracklist and information printed on a 120 gsm off-white recycled cardboard. It also comes bundled with a download code coupon and a Sound In Silence card.’ read more