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2017-01 | ‘Alliteration’ review on
The dark ambient intro ‘Transmission I’ sees Laux do his best impression of Alva Noto until ‘Parachesis’ introduces a sound more typical of the German producer, with its deep and ethereal sense of groove. The subtle and slow rolling house of ‘Parallelism’ sounds like a Vid record on -8, the gorgeous title track is a certain highlight with its William Basinski style atmospherics reminiscent of his Watermusic II opus. read more

2016-04 | Sound Impression: Sven Laux – ‘Slow Motion Days’ by Stationary Travels
In the bustling European metropolis of Berlin, there are likely very few days that move in slow motion, but as sound designer, producer, and composer Sven Laux proves, that does not preclude one from achieving such a state of mind and, if you give him 40 minutes of your time, he will slow you down as well with the lush and melancholic soundscapes on his latest album Slow Motion Days now available on the Barcelona-based Seven Villas Voyage imprint. read more

2016-02 | ‘Slow Motion Days’ featured on
At the end of this month, Berlin-based artist Sven Laux will kick off Pablo Bolivar’s new label, Seven Villas Voyage, with Slow Motion Days, his upcoming LP. The six-track album is a gorgeous ambient excursion centered around a field in winter and, like its wintery subject, the LP peacefully floats from a foggy, atmospheric opening to more emotive instrumentals and melancholic soundscapes. read more

2013-12 | ‘We Were Here’ featured on
Top 10 lists are played out. Deconstructing what’s bad about Top 10 lists is ALSO played out. And people who make Top 10 lists miss a lot of music for all kinds of reasons – because an album isn’t in a genre they follow closely, because things get released after magazine cutoff dates for Top 10 submissions, because we turned off the internet that day, or because we didn’t turn off the internet that day and then lost a week to the latest meme of the moment. read more

2013-10 | ‘I Have Found A Place For Us To Stay’ review on
Six years into his career, Sven Laux has hit his stride. For the Berlin-based composer, it’s been a steady climb. His discography boasts an acclaimed LP on NYC’s Microcosm Music, but it’s his 2011 release for Unfoundsound that marked a compelling evolution in his craft. Laux’s meticulous rhythmic habits began providing a base for a warmer, more emotive output and he’s been channelling that energy ever since. On Laux’s latest record, we’re treated to what feels like the summit of his recent efforts on Archipel and Dewtone, with his beat-focused past finding a harmonious co-existence with his newly found ambient voice. read more

2012-10 | ‘And Then We Were Surrounded’ review on
Laux’s And Then We Were Surrounded (issued by the Vancouver-based Dewtone imprint) locates a middle ground so precisely between ambient and techno that it neither leans more in one direction than the other. As he has done on previous releases for Microcosm, Archipel, Villar Village, and others, the Berlin-based Laux here transmutes instrument sounds, foundsounds, and field recordings into multi-layered set-pieces that are anything but minimal. read more

2011-03 | ‘Homesickness or Nostalgia’ review on
Microcosm is, without a doubt, the perfect label home for Sven Laux’s first full-length Homesickness or Nostalgia. With its nine quirky tracks animated by jaunty rhythms and adorned with oddball samples and found sounds, the digital-only set possesses all of the earmarks of the New York-based imprint’s style. Prior to the album, Laux issued several EPs and remixes, so it’s not all that surprising to discover that the album’s material is polished, even if the tracks’ skeletal techno and house rhythms are relentlessly beseiged by a never-ending stream of sound fragments. read more

2011-02 | ‘Homesickness or Nostalgia’ review on
You can always rely on Ezekiel Honig’s Microcosm imprint for some high-grade 4/4-based sounds. That said, the pulsing beats that form the backbone of many Microcosm releases are only part of the story, as these artists merely use techno as the starting point for their compositions. read more

2011-02 | ‘Homesickness or Nostalgia’ review on
Homesickness or Nostalgia might be Berlin-based Sven Laux’s first full-length album, but with steady releases on Archipel, Multi-Vitamins, spontanMusik, Tropic, and Leporelo labels, to name a few, Sven has already introduced listeners to his personal world of music. Upon first listening, it is clear to tell that he takes great influence from techno and house music from past and present. However, Sven’s chiseled and refined sound remains refreshingly tight throughout the course of its productions. read more

2011-02 | ‘Homesickness or Nostalgia’ review on
With a title straight out of the hauntological handbook one might have expected Sven Laux’s Homesickness or Nostalgia to be an exercise in Burial-esque crackle and sadness, but the nostalgia seems to point closer, back a mere ten years or so, to the height of glitchy microhouse. Since then CPUs have gotten bigger, enabling Laux to stuff his tracks with greater amounts of digital fizz and clamour, but these nine tracks remain lithe and limber, like the Perlon of yore. read more

2009-07/08 | Beat Remix-Contest ‘Hoy & Monk EP’
Sven Laux ist seit Jahren ein fester Bestandteil der Netaudio-Welt und begeistert mit einem kreativexperimentellen Minimal Techno, dessen Charme man sich kaum entziehen kann. Für den Remix-Wettbewerb der Beat stellt er das Titelstück seiner aktuellen EP „Hoy & Monk“ bereit. read more

2009-01 | Beat Interview ‘Sich von der Maus entfernen’
Die Frage nach seiner Lieblingsmusik haben wir Sven Laux zwar nicht gestellt, doch rotieren in seinem Player gerade Oasis und Coldplay einträchtig neben dem hypnotischen House von Pheek und den kühlen Knisterklängen von Vladislav Delay. read more

2007-10 | Tokafi Release Review ‘The Stories of Kwiggle EP’
Sven Laux is back with already his fifth EP this year: “The Stories of Kwiggle” is out on Meerestief, a label, radio show and magazine with some of the highest quality packaging-standards when it comes to their physical releases and the demand of going far beyond the superficial with everything they do in general. As such, Laux should feel perfectly at home here. Not sure whether Kwiggle is a reference to the relatively rare computer virus, but just like this digital worm slows down the system until it is working at full capacity while being barely able to move, Sven has silenced the pulse of his tracks to a gentle heartbeat and brought the subtle crispbread structures, which previously underpinned his music like an insect hum, to the fore. read more

2007-08 | Tokafi Release Review ‘Languish EP’
Sven Laux has been a regular guest on these pages and he is bound to remain so for quite some time. Not so much because of his unfettered productivity (McDonalds keeps churning out the greasy stuff as well, after all), but mainly because few other contemporary producers have understood the principle of the EP as well as him. Laux approaches his releases from a sound-conceptual and structural perspective, filling in the music as he goes along. This ensures that all tracks are interrelated, mutually complementing each other and continually defining and deepening a particular mood. „Languish“ is the most recent addition to his discography and already his sixth publication this year (!). Again, Sven finds the hidden gap between abstraction and physicality, between soundscapes and chilled-out club-tracks. Sluggishly, even spartanically, the beats roll forward, developping on a microperceptional basis. read more

2007-07 | Tokafi Release Review ‘Coco EP’
07.07.07 is not only a good day for weddings, it is also an excellent date for great new music, and for everyone, who wanted to hear more of Sven Laux after his darkly alluring “Boutique” contribution to Tropic’s first label sampler. Already back then, the trademarks of his style were clearly contoured: A knack for prominent atmospherics, a subtle integration of harmonies and the attachment of slight, but unsettling irregularities in his 4/4-propelled grooves. What has changed on his latest “Coco” EP, however, is the general mood: A freshly shimmering fruit on the cover and some decidedly laid-back, sun-drenched beats on the inside. Laux is obviously enjyoing the summer and his urge to share that sensation has resulted in five minimal and yet constantly evolving tracks. read more