Sven Laux | The Third String out on Make Mistakes

The Third String out on Make Mistakes

  • 18 Mar

  • svenlaux

March 18, 2014
Sven Laux comes to Make Mistakes with The Third String, a collection of end of the winter songs, a hopeful look forward to the months to come.
Soaring atmospherics, and delicate scatterings of percussion characterize this release, and mark songs such as D├ęta as unmistakably the work of Sven Laux. Lega is a piece of sublime minimalism, complex structures rising within a loose shell of dub, perfect for the early hours, and late afternoons. Stac, like the first warm day of the year, is enveloping and propelling, organic layers of sound and warm pads create an inviting environment to bask in. read more