Sven Laux | Sleeplaboratory1​.​0 out on Whitelabrecs

Sleeplaboratory1​.​0 out on Whitelabrecs

  • 25 Jan

  • svenlaux

December 21, 2018
‘‘Sleeplaboratory1.0’ is a sixteen track cross section of modern Ambient artists touching on everything from minimalist drone and modern classical cinematics to electro acoustic and synth influenced works. It is released in a run of 100 physical copies, as we’ve chosen to create a ‘gatefold LP’ styled CD package, complete with beautiful artwork provided over 4 panels by our regular collaborator Federica Jeanne de Luca. The album is also available digitally in a range of formats, carefully mastered by Tim Diagram who also contributes a track as Maps and Diagrams.’ read more