Sven Laux | Schnutzn out on Archipel

Schnutzn out on Archipel

  • 27 Feb

  • svenlaux

February 27th, 2009
Germany’s Sven Laux, who has already built up quite a solid discography for himself, brings his intricate talents to Archipel with “Schnutzn”. Beginning with “Koguto” we are taken on a slip and slide roller-coaster ride through ebbing and flowing rhythms which are dotted with well placed skittering scrapes and gentle burps of noise which tie into “Elumio” where the skittering continues, although enveloped in a delicate and luscious melody. “Tiuh Tiuh” is deeper and more sparse and becomes very mesmerizing as it progresses while textures slowly and subtly shift around it’s backbone rhythm. “Forpahl” is lightly dusted with funk while retaining much depth and is patterned with glistening, digitized, insectoid chirps and whistles which leads us to the closing piece “Tokluu” which goes even deeper and becomes inescapably hypnotic where it is carefully and purposefully sprayed with ever changing, subtle, intricacies which slowly drip into one’s mind. read more