Sven Laux | A Little Weird Wire out on Leporelo

A Little Weird Wire out on Leporelo

  • 01 Feb

  • svenlaux

February 1st, 2010
Sven Laux is a Berlin based music producer with unique sound and some great releases on his account. The list of the labels is quite big (Archipel, Multi Vitamins, Seta Label, spontanMusik, etc.) and now we are happy he is joining Leporelo family. As it’s first Leporelo release in 2010 we think this year is going to be the year for us and we are really excited about this release. A Little Weird Wire EP contains 4 great tracks in Sven Laux’s minimalistic but still groovy style, all with great sound design, deep atmosphere and crazy arrangements. Let’s face it. These day, you get less and less of music of this quality and style and it becomes more and more unique. And we are happy we can release unique music. read more