Sven Laux | Somfay – Common Touch (Sven Laux Remix)

Somfay – Common Touch (Sven Laux Remix)

  • 15 Feb

  • svenlaux

February 15th, 2010
Archipel’s sixty-ninth digital installation is a special one. We’ve held a quiet remix contest and this release brings with it the top results. Somfay and Tom Ellis have provided the originals for the contest in question. Tom Ellis’ piece “Human Nature” is an intensely deep rhythmic journey into the very veins of your mind filling it with visions of round and raw nightshade landscapes. In this instance, Humeka’s remix was chosen for the release and transforms Human Nature into a heartily head twisting triple helix of dark and warped funk which is sure to gyrate many a neuron. For Somfay’s part in this project he sculpts “Common Touch” which gravitates more towards slowly flowing curtains of dusk lit and dusted melodic progressions held together by rhythms of gently eroded percussion like dark snow falling from red sunset skies. The chosen remix comes from the hands of Sven Laux who paints Somfay’s original into a crystalline latticework of frost tinted with greenleaf where the original progressions are transposed and bent to match the lattice to a perfect fit. read more