Sven Laux | Slow Motion Days out on Seven Villas Voyage

Slow Motion Days out on Seven Villas Voyage

  • 08 Feb

  • svenlaux

February 8, 2016
Sven Laux wants you to slow down. Despite the chaos of his home of Berlin, Laux’s latest endeavor inhabits not a city but a field in winter: “Slow Motion Days” is a six-track album, debuting under Spanish phenom Pablo Bolivar’s Seven Villas Music. A docile foray into ambient classicism, the record moves languidly from “It Started Slowly” — an atmospheric number reminiscent of snow on the wind — to emotive instrumental pieces like “Be Water”, and “I Was Free”. Working entirely in sleepy, supine soundscapes, “Slow Motion Days” is fueled by strings, piano, and ethereal tones, coming to a final rest with the melancholic whispered harmonies of “It Ended Slowly”. read more