Sven Laux | Homesickness or Nostalgia out on Microcosm Music

Homesickness or Nostalgia out on Microcosm Music

  • 25 Feb

  • svenlaux

February 25th, 2011
Sven Laux presents his first full-length album, after several EP’s and remixes, and his first works with Microcosm. Sven’s material is a fitting, rich and compelling addition to the catalogue, as his sensibilities are aligned with the label’s manifesto while stamping out his own approach to these ideas. Moody at times, freshly uninhibited at others, “Homesickness or Nostalgia” ponders dance floor music that tethers you to its origins. Equal parts mid-tempo funk and heady found house, Sven uses tropes of the ultra-modern electronic landscape towards his devices, along with a more classic sense of bass tone and forward momentum, of the history of these arenas of 4/4. read more